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The following extracts are from two lawyer’s letters, ostensibly written on your behalf and under your instruction as a member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd. Full copies of the letter are attached in case you did not receive yours at the time. (The true facts refuting these allegations are available. The Universal Business Team (UBT) bastards who instructed the lawyers are liars like their father the devil. John 8: 44)

Extract 1

Sir Henry de B. Forde, Juris Chambers, Attorneys-at-Law, St Michael, Barbados (26 May 2014):

Re: My Clients: Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, the members thereof and its Advisory and Business Body (UBT).

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Extract 2

Craig Murray, Principal, CDM Lawyers, Sydney, Australia (23 March 2016):

We are instructed by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, members of the church, and the United Brethren Trust.

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Both of these extracts (from letters written on opposite ends of the world) clearly expose the organized method that the devil, through UBT men, is currently using to attack the assembly.

Hades’ gates is an organized administration of evil energised by Satan, established to destroy Christ’s assembly on earth. The Lord Jesus said Himself, . . . and on this rock I will build my assembly, and hades’ gates shall not prevail against it. Matt 16: 18. The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, with its advisory Universal Business Team and Local Support Groups (LSG’s), is the full expression of such a wicked administration. Although it will not prevail, it is nevertheless the most evil ‘gate’ that has ever existed in the recovery of the truth.

Grievous wolves (Acts 20: 29) have registered, as a legal entity *, that which claims to be the body of Christ down here, and MADE YOU A MEMBER OF IT. Such an idea would be gross evil, yet this evil exists in actuality because of your continued compromise of divine principles and friendship with the world.

But the devil has not stopped at this: To silence brethren who have the Holy Spirit and who know and love divine principles, Bruce Hales has re-introduced John Hales‘ 1965 commercial system, and this time it has been successfully forced upon the PBCC universally. This system prevents brethren from raising valid concerns about the wholesale rejection of beloved Jim Taylor and his ministry.

This universal administration of control and influence is implemented by agents of the Universal Business Team (UBT) and its Local Support Groups (LSG‘s), described in Extract 1 as the Church’s ‘Advisory and Business Body’. This satanic system is headquartered in Sydney under the command of Bruce David Hales, who is ‘the last antichrist before the Antichrist appears’ (Deryck Noakes, September 2014).

Are you at peace in your conscience to be associated with this wicked attack on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? The Spirit was sent from heaven to the assembly, as a Comforter and Guide until we meet the Lord in the air. You have set Him aside, turning instead to men’s wisdom in lawyers and accountants.

Have you forgotten the principle that was established in the Glanton conflict in 1908, that Christ has direct relationships with each local assembly, as a husband with his wife, and that no-one has any right whatever to interfere with that?

James Taylor Jr taught in Croydon, 21 October 1965:

J.T.Jr. . . . We should know the Glanton issue, even though we were not born at the time. It is very important for us to know what the issue was at Glanton; it was interference in a local assembly, . . .

Ques. Is any interference with the local administration really a challenge to the Lord’s rights in that assembly?

J.T.Jr. In that assembly, because He has been set aside. That is, perhaps, one thing we all have to come to at this time, that the local assembly is in direct relation to Christ, and we have no right whatever to interfere in it. If we come here to minister, that is good; minister the truth, but do not interfere with the local administration. It is not that you would not avail yourself of all the help you can. Paul would represent that, They had written to him, and he wrote to them back; that is all right, but Paul very wisely stayed away from Corinth. That is a clue. The gift of government is seen in Paul; he had it; so you watch what Paul did. He did not get to Corinth, he stayed away from it.

Have you forgotten how Christ, in His love for a local assembly, will raise up local leadership in that place to shepherd, feed and protect His assembly there?

Do you think these leaders of the UBT and its LSG’s, who have completely overthrown this divine principle and interfered with local administration throughout the world, will be able to hide behind a legal entity from the wrath of the Lord Jesus Christ? Never! Wicked men in each place are about to be summoned by name, beginning with Bruce David Hales who will bow at the great white throne but with whom the Spirit is taking issue now!

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we urge you to be before God as to your position. You claim to be part of the bride of Christ, yet the attached letters show that you are a member of a registered business (PBCC Ltd) masquerading as the Church, and that this church has an Advisory and Business Body (UBT). You are in fact a member of the greatest organization of evil ever to be counted as one of the gates of hades, an organization that openly despises and interferes with the Lord’s personal rights in each local assembly universally.

Furthermore, these wicked men of the UBT and its LSG’s have continually attacked and interfered with faithful brothers sent by the Lord from the assembly to testify in PBCC localities around the world. In doing so they have denied the Holy Scriptures, setting aside the truth of 1 Corinthians 6: 1: Dare anyone of you, having a matter against another, prosecute his suit before the unjust, and not before the saints? Unable to resist the truth, in hatred they have lied to lawyers, the police and the government; mocking and casting into prison those sent in love for your salvation. In rejecting those that He has sent, they have rejected the Lord Himself. This is fatal.

There is only one way for you to be saved currently, and that is to withdraw from the iniquity you are in: Yet the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, The Lord knows those that are his; and, Let every one who names the name of the Lord withdraw from iniquity. 2 Timothy 2: 19.

What relief will flood into your soul as you accept that what you are now in is not the true assembly! The day of grace has clearly been extended, but the Lord’s eyes are a flame of fire (Rev. 19: 12). The full extent of His wrath is about to come upon Bruce David Hales and all those who have taken their part in the UBT and its LSG’s.

Christ’s assembly exists today in smallness, yet in purity. We can guide you to it.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Jadon Allen
17 Rockton Drive
Mobile: +1 876 850-2945
Nicolas Noakes
24 Buena Vista Close
Mobile: +1 876 821-4026

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* Australian Company No. 158 542 075 and UK Reg. No. 08175944

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