The principles established in the Glanton conflict


This conflict which took place in 1908 brought out the principle that the Lord has rights in each locality where His people are gathered, and that another locality does not have rights to interfere in that relationship. This was a principle that was violated in Port Elizabeth in 1971.

The Glanton Conflict - 1908

A most important principle was established in the years after 1908, and the Lord will not allow this principle to be overthrown.

Christ has His own relations with every local assembly, as a husband has with his own wife. The local assembly at Glanton, England, came in between Christ and the local assembly at Alnwick (a few miles away) in this way: In 1908 there was trouble in the meeting at Alnwick, and the meeting divided into two parties. Glanton interfered by receiving the persons they thought were right. These persons were subsequently sent back to Alnwick as the recognised company in that place.

James Taylor said, in volume 80 p.105:

Glanton settled it by letting the ones they thought were right come over and break bread with them. They took the matter out of the Lord's hands, and the Lord did not allow that. The Lord put the meeting right at Alnwick, and He can put any meeting right if we leave the thing and let Him work it out, even if the brethren there are not very intelligent.

James Taylor taught, in volume 40 pp.374-375:

A great principle was worked out in this country about 27 years ago [1908], and we do not want to miss the gain of that. Can any nearby gathering, such as existed then, undertake to break down, to disallow, to set aside another assembly? Scripture does not contemplate it.

James Taylor Jr taught:

J.T.Jr. ... We should know the Glanton issue, even though we were not born at the time. It is very important for us to know what the issue was at Glanton; it was interference in a local assembly, ...

Ques. Is any interference with the local administration really a challenge to the Lord's rights in that assembly?

J.T.Jr. In that assembly, because He has been set aside. That is, perhaps, one thing we all have to come to at this time, that the local assembly is in direct relation to Christ, and we have no right whatever to interfere in it. ...

The link with recent times

Maynard interfered with Harrow. Harrow then interfered with Port Elizabeth. Harrow came in between Christ and the assembly in Port Elizabeth. Harrow thought they could decide what Port Elizabeth must do. Somerset East then continued this line of interference, and Somerset East received the persons that they thought were right, sending them back to Port Elizabeth as the recognised company in that place.

The Lord's rights were set aside, and He is angry about this to this very day.

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