Paul’s Glad Tidings — Homepage from October 2014 until October 2015

The appeal that is made on this page was published in October 2014 as the original home page and primary message of this website. In October 2015, after the rejection and mockery of extensive testimony, the Lord Jesus directed the Holy Spirit to give the Deryck Noakes version of Matthew 23 and the home page of this website was changed to reflect that. The time of the Spirit’s appealling has closed, and the judgment of God is soon to be revealed.

Where is the Lord in the midst?

Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ?

Do you love and practise divine principles?

Do you still love and remember His servant, James Taylor Jr?

*  *  *

Do you know that Bruce David Hales is
the last antichrist before the Antichrist comes?

Do you know that the
Plymouth Brethren Christian Church
is the synagogue of Satan?

Do you know that the UBT, its LSG's, and its RRT's are devilish?

The Lord's coming is imminent

Will you be put to shame at His coming? Will He find you in His assembly when He comes, or will He find you in the Hales' cult?

One of the Lord's servants now is Deryck Noakes

Since 1970, the spirit and ministry of James Taylor Jr has been faithfully upheld in the assembly by the Lord's servant, Deryck Noakes.

Bruce David Hales is an antichrist

Bruce David Hales maintains that his father, John Stephen Hales, was sinless - this is blasphemy! He has also attempted to introduce the Universal Business Team and its Local Support Groups into Christ's assembly. This proves that he is an antichrist - the last antichrist before the Antichrist comes.

The Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Limited is not Christ's assembly

The PBCC is a registered company with a website, and promoted on Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. It is inconceivable that this could ever be the bride of Christ.

Christ Himself says that the PBCC is the synagogue of Satan.[1][2]

The Universal Business Team (UBT) is satanic

The Universal Business Team and its LSGs are a foreshadowing of the mark of the beast.[3] The fury of the wrath of God is prepared for those who receive this mark.[4]

Business meetings wholly of brethren are of the devil. In 1965, commerce in the assembly was condemned by JTJr, and judged in local assemblies universally as wickedness. This was a righteous assembly judgment, and was ratified in heaven.

The Holy Spirit will never allow this wickedness

The Spirit of God is commissioned to prepare the bride holy and blameless for Christ.
He is urgent to fulfil His mission.

Hades' gates have not prevailed against the assembly, and never will

The Lord has not failed His promise, and the assembly is today found in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. The Spirit of God is searching for faithful overcomers universally.

What must you do to be saved?

Repent and withdraw from that grievous wolf, Bruce David Hales, and his evil UBT cult. Every true believer is part of the assembly of God. You will be led by the Spirit of God to find your place livingly in the assembly, now and for eternity.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are compelled to read and consider the following facts, and to take your stand in relation to them before God. If you claim Christian ground you are responsible to establish your genealogy.

Refer to Where is the Lord in the midst? — James Taylor, New Series Volume 77, page 283


  1. Paul's Glad Tidings
  2. The Diversion from Facts and Principles from the End of Dec 1970 to Jan 1971
  3. The Development of the Truth over the last forty-four years
  4. The Leaders of the Seriously Developing Diversion from 1971 to 2014
  5. God's Sovereignty in Selecting Leaders and in Rejecting Leaders
  6. Recovery from the Diversion to the TWOs and the THREEs

A. Paul's Glad Tidings

  1. Every man, woman and child has a conscience.
  2. Some try to deceive themselves by believing that there is no God. They live with an uneasy conscience.
  3. Some acknowledge that there is a God to whom they will have to answer in this life or in the afterlife, but their conscience is troubled.
  4. Some think that by doing good works God may sometime accept them.
  6. The good news is even more comprehensive: If you confess Christ's Name and you have faith to ask the Father for the Holy Spirit, He will freely give Him to you.[2] You will have established your right to be in the assembly.[3]
  7. As confessing the Name of the Lord, you are called upon to withdraw from evil[4] and in doing so you will find that there are others with whom you can walk in righteousness, faith, love and peace.[5]
  8. You will then be the offscouring of the world[6] and it will have no time for you. Friendship with the world is enmity with God.[7]
  9. The world may despise and hate you, but you will be more than compensated.[8]
  10. You will have the Holy Spirit's comfort and care.[9] You can and should commune with Him at all times.[10]
  11. It is fatal to refuse God's free gift of salvation. The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate - it is judgment at the great white throne[11] and thereafter confinement to hell for eternity.
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B. The Diversion from Facts and Principles from the End of December 1970 to January 1971

  1. In the early 1800's the Lord recovered His people to the first principles, as established by Paul and the other apostles. Every essential feature of the assembly was revived though John Nelson Darby, and since then the Lord has maintained His people in these principles through Frederick Edward Raven, James Taylor, James Taylor Jr and Deryck Noakes.
  2. In the years leading up to December 1970, Deryck Noakes of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, served the saints universally. This included meetings in Harrow in early December 1970 which were well received by the brethren, as is evidenced by a letter from Leonard Goodbody.
  3. Earlier in 1970, beloved James Taylor Jr told Alan and Madeline Ker of Harrow, England to be present at the 3-day meetings in Bridgetown, Barbados in late December 1970 at which JTJr was to serve.
  4. Before those meetings, the Lord took James Taylor Jr to Himself down here in October 1970.
  5. George R Maynard of Barbados 'took' those meetings in which he attacked Alan and Madeline Ker of Harrow viciously and not in the spirit of Christ at all. He also attacked Hubert Kingston, of Harrow, and his wife. The Kers left before the end of the meetings. Maynard falsely charged that there had been the sexualizing of scripture in Harrow, New York and other places, and that this had to be put right.
  6. After these meetings, Maynard phoned Arthur J McMullan of Port Elizabeth, South Africa to ask if Deryck Noakes (who had recently served in Harrow) had been withdrawn from yet. He told AJ McMullan of supposed charges against Deryck Noakes, before those charges were even raised in the assembly in Harrow. AJ McMullan did not even know what Maynard was talking about. Following this, Harrow suddenly repudiated Deryck Noakes' meetings there on the basis of charges which have not been substantiated to this day. This proves that Maynard instigated these charges. Maynard completely violated the principles established in the Glanton conflict.
  7. Even worse than this was Maynard's blasphemy against the humanity of Christ, which took place in those Barbados meetings. Beloved James Taylor Jr had previously said that the Lord kissed the woman in John 4, and more. However, Maynard maintained that he revolted at the suggestion of this:

    ...the Lord kissed the woman in John 4. Where did you get that from? That seems to me to be that wild gourd [poison] that they threw in the pot, 2 Kings 4:39.

    I instinctively shrink at the suggestion --- that the Lord kissed the woman in John 4.

    It is poison that you are going around with, poison.

    (Full details available here)

    Maynard was thereby imputing lust to the Lord's holy Person. This blasphemy went unchallenged by prominent brethren who were present, including JH Symington. The day he received these published meetings, Deryck Noakes immediately detected and condemned these blasphemous statements.

    Maynard further showed that he rejected God's sovereignty in having placed universal leadership in beloved James Taylor Jr's hands.

    This shows conclusively that God could never have selected George R Maynard to be the next universal leader after James Taylor Jr.

  8. Shortly after the Barbados meetings, Harrow (under the influence of GR Maynard) withdrew from the Kers on unsubstantiated charges .
  9. Again, under Maynard's influence, New York repudiated their city reading of 19 August 1970 with Daniel J Pienaar of Cape Town, in which he referred to the Lord kissing the woman of John 4.
  10. Maynard's interference in Harrow and Port Elizabeth resulted in a rebellion against the Spirit of God in Port Elizabeth on 5 January 1971. J Neville Cro, Cedric Morley , Fred G Pudney and others led in this rebellion when Fred Pudney declared after the hymn was given out and before the prayer, that
    Before this meeting starts I want to tell the brethren that it is the universal judgment that this city has lost its franchise, that the Lord has taken it away, which judgment I have witnessed to by five different brothers in five different localities including Mr Jim Brown of Somerset East.
    Some thirty persons ran out of the meeting and their action was pronounced upon as rebellion and wickedness against the Spirit of God, and they were immediately withdrawn from. They named no evil nor could they.
  11. Somerset East laid their hands on six or seven of these rebels on the same night when they were informally received[1] by Jim F Brown in his house as if they were in fellowship.
  12. Five brothers from Jansenville (the nearest locality to Port Elizabeth) came to Port Elizabeth on 6 January 1971 to investigate matters and were fully satisfied that Port Elizabeth still had the franchise to act for the Lord.
  13. No locality in the world except Jansenville, Cape Province, South Africa, had anyone come to Port Elizabeth to investigate the facts. JF Brown of Somerset East and Robert JO Beattie of Johannesburg made sustained attacks on Deryck Noakes. Robert Beattie issued an article worldwide which was full of lies about Deryck Noakes.
  14. Gideon Smuts of Cape Town, attempting to discredit Deryck Noakes, told JH Symington in the Johannesburg '3-day meetings' from 8-10 January 1971 that James Taylor Jr told Deryck Noakes, When you get up there the Lord is going to say to you, What have you been doing to those brethren down there?

    What actually happened in the 3-day meetings in Port Elizabeth in February 1970 was that JTJr said, Peter is going to say to you, Deryck, What have you been doing to these brethren? and Deryck said to JTJr, And Peter's going to say to you, Jim, What have you been doing to Deryck? JTJr then made a scissors sign with his hand amidst much laughter from the brethren.

  15. The actions of the grievous wolf, GR Maynard, resulted in both Port Elizabeth and Jansenville being unrighteously isolated from the brethren universally.

    This blatant disregard of facts and divine principles led to spiritual murder and has resulted in the worst diversion from the recovery of the truth that there has ever been.

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C. The Development of the Truth over the last forty-four years

  1. The Lord has shown that, although rejected almost universally, Deryck Noakes is honoured and loved by his brethren in South Africa.
  2. The Lord has also raised up area leaders such as Lionel E Bricknell, David Betsha, William J Jurgens, and of recent years Robin S Jurgens and Roger E Pudney to serve His people.
  3. The Lord has also raised up local leaders such as Jared Pudney, Gavin Eales, Javan Morley, Jadon Allen, James Pudney, James Morley, Michael Stewart, Matthew Eales, Peter Morley and others to serve His people.
  4. During these years there have been refinements in the service of God.
  5. There is even more informality, but not at the expense of respect for divine Persons, in the service of God.
  6. The hymn book should reflect the current voice of the Holy Spirit, and has been regularly revised and added to.
  7. There have been very few withdrawals, and those mainly because of self-will.
  8. Local assemblies have been re-established and/or strengthened.
  9. Some of the times of meetings during the week have been changed. For instance, the prayer meeting is at 3.00 p.m. on Mondays[1] and the ministry meeting on every Tuesday at 6.00 a.m.[2]
  10. The truth of the Lord's being judged by His God during the second three hours, and then forsaken by His God at the end of the second three hours, has been made clear to the brethren.
  11. The precious truth that a saint who is taken goes to be with Christ down here, has also been made clear to the brethren.
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D. The Leaders of the Seriously Developing Diversion from 1971 to 2014

George R Maynard

  1. In the Bridgetown '3-day meetings' in December 1970, George R Maynard openly implied that he was No1 and that James H Symington was No2. But when Symington took the Bristol '3-day meetings' in May 1971, Maynard made but one single remark. RJO Beattie of Johannesburg also made profuse remarks directed against Deryck Noakes throughout those meetings.

  2. While politics reigned, Deryck Noakes was excluded from such meetings and went on humbly, knowing of what the Lord had called him to long before.

    It is inconceivable that God could have called George R Maynard to be the universal leader. See also Point 7 of Part B, about Maynard's blasphemy, which further confirms this.

* * *

James H Symington

  1. James H Symington repeatedly equated the Holy Spirit to liquor. This is a sin against the Holy Spirit, for which there is no forgiveness.[1] For example:

    Baptised by one Spirit into one body, and we've all been given to drink of one Spirit. What do you drink? One Spirit, Red Label, - well, I mean spirits. What's wrong with that?

    See he [Paul] met the enemy's agent as filled with the Holy Spirit. Well, I suppose it's Southern Comfort. Would that be what it is? I prefer Red Label!

    (Full details available here)

    These blasphemies were again detected and condemned by Deryck Noakes who first alerted JH Symington himself, and then responsible persons in his local assembly, Neche. When no action was taken, six hundred persons universally were also alerted.

  2. JH Symington was characteristically not a new covenant minister, and would withdraw from repentant persons.

  3. JH Symington was often so intoxicated that he said very unbecoming things, as can be shown from his printed 'ministry'. On occasion, he even had to be physically supported by two men when entering a meeting. This behaviour only became manifest after beloved James Taylor Jr was taken to be with his Lord. He did not dare to behave in this way while beloved James Taylor Jr was still alive.

    It is inconceivable that God could have called James H Symington to be the universal leader.

* * *

John S Hales

  1. John Stephen Hales said in the fifth reading of the 3-day meetings in Dorking in 1964 that if Paul raised his hand there was a point in that, and that the moral was equal to the physical. Beloved James Taylor Jr condemned this. Christ alone was physically perfect, and to say that there is perfection in the flesh and blood condition of any other man is blasphemy. Every other man's heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. (Read JTJr Vol 41 page 295)

  2. In Barbados in September 1965, JS Hales served in '3-day meetings' which JTJr totally condemned for promoting commerce in the assembly. These meetings were immediately condemned in the assembly in Bridgetown and any notes were also withdrawn.

  3. John S Hales, his brother WB Hales, and other Australian brothers were stopped in their tracks when JTJr pronounced in New York, on 29 September 1965, that the crisis of the moment was the introduction of commercialism into the assembly.

  4. In Sydney, Australia there was an assembly meeting in October 1965 at which both JS Hales and WB Hales were unrighteously withdrawn from although they had both repented of promoting the commercial system and of showing the flesh in their so-called ministry. It was absolutely wrong and vindictive to withdraw from repentant persons.

  5. Although JS Hales laboured under a sense of guilt as is evidenced by his letter dated 18 November 1965 to Brian Deck of Motueka, New Zealand, his son, Bruce David Hales, later said that his father got more right than he needed to have!

  6. John S Hales is said to have been sinless, and to have only learned about sin in dealing with it in others. When this evil doctrine is challenged, it is now maintained that he led a sinless life. Wherein is the difference? All of these statements are blasphemous.

  7. He died on 12 January 2002. The wages of sin is death.[2]

    How could God ever have appointed John S Hales to be the universal leader!?

* * *

Bruce D Hales

  1. In spite of commercialism having been condemned by beloved JTJr, [3][4][5] Bruce David Hales has re-introduced it in a far more extended way in the Universal Business Team (UBT) and its offshoots the Local Support Groups (LSGs).

  2. To curry favour with the world and support the charitable status, BD Hales has formed the Rapid Relief Teams (RRTs). He has completely broken down the truth of 2 Timothy 2:19-21, and he refuses to be the offscouring of the world.[6]

  3. In meetings with BD Hales in Barbados on 27 July 2012, persons were threatened with being hanged for being traitors.

  4. Bruce D Hales has had his father's 1965 Barbados '3-day meetings' republished, which were condemned by James Taylor Jr as the rebellion of Numbers 16, and judged by the assembly in Barbados as evil. He has thus shown his flagrant disregard for the Lord's sovereignty in JTJr, and for the local assembly in Barbados. He has promoted these meetings by saying in Chicago in December 2011: 'There was ministry in power. --- They desperately needed help'.

    In those same Chicago meetings Bruce D Hales claimed that beloved James Taylor Jr gave John S Hales a clean sheet in 1966. This claim implies that there was no wrong in the commercial system that was promoted in 1965.

  5. He said that the only way that his father, JS Hales, knew sin was in dealing with it in others. Where did he get this from!? Certainly not from the Lord! See Point 11 above for more on this subject.

  6. To show but one example of numerous ways that others have been shockingly treated by the cult of which BD Hales is the dictator, we give an account of how they bribed the Barbados Immigration Department during May 2014:

    In Barbados, some of the leaders of that cult phoned the police and told them that Deryck Noakes and those with him were molesting them (although in fact they had only gone to testify to anyone who was prepared to listen to them). A Barbadian police officer, Sgt Lynch, was also told this by a group of cult members.

    Sgt Lynch then told Deryck Noakes and those with him that he would personally write to the Chief Immigration Officer, Ms Erine Griffith, to make sure that Deryck Noakes or anyone associated with him would never enter the Island again.

    Subsequently, Jared Pudney and his wife, Haley, and Javan Morley were detained and maltreated by the Immigration Department at Grantley Adams International Airport as a direct result of this corrupting influence of the Hales cult.

    A full report of this matter is available.

    It is inconceivable that God has chosen Bruce David Hales to lead His people.

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E. God's Sovereignty in Selecting Leaders and in Rejecting Leaders

  1. God alone has the right to appoint a leader or reject one.

  2. He has appointed universal leaders, area leaders, and local leaders.

  3. We may only determine who they are by their spirit, and for this there must be inward leadership on our part.

  4. The following brethren have without any doubt been the universal leaders, sovereignly appointed by God in the recovery of the truth:

    • John Nelson Darby
    • Frederick Edward Raven
    • James Taylor
    • James Taylor Jr

    And at present:

    • Deryck Noakes
  5. There have been many wrong leaders, beginning with Muller, and such as Giles, etc. in the recovery of the truth, who have been rejected by God.

  6. Since 1970, GR Maynard, JH Symington, JS Hales and currently BD Hales have been sovereignly rejected by God. They were or are grievous wolves[1] energised by Satan - made to be caught and destroyed.

    It is necessary to clearly show why these men were and have been sovereignly rejected by God. Therefore, please refer to Section D which deals with the wickedness of these men.

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F. Recovery from the Diversion to the TWOs and the THREEs

  1. The Lord said, For where two or three are gathered together unto my name, there am I in the midst of them.[1] The Holy Spirit is seeking to recover and establish these twos and threes as local assemblies universally.

  2. Once you realise the seriousness of how you have been misled by those grievous wolves - GR Maynard, JH Symington, JS Hales, and BD Hales - and you have the courage to go by 2 Timothy 2:19 you will be most thankful to be in the full liberty of the assembly again.

  3. Anyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, believes in His blood, who asks the Father for the Holy Spirit and who is prepared to go by 2 Timothy 2:19 will establish their right to be in the assembly and will enjoy all the blessings of being in the assembly.

    This will not be without reproach and suffering. But as you move righteously, you will know the comfort of the Spirit and the love and support of true brethren.

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"These things have I written to you concerning those who lead you astray: and yourselves, the unction which ye have received from him abides in you, and ye have not need that any one should teach you; but as the same unction teaches you as to all things, and is true and is not a lie, and even as it has taught you, ye shall abide in him."

1 John 2:26-27

The Holy Spirit would use these persons to guide you to the assembly:

Barbados, W.I.

Evan Pudney
42 Bowbell Avenue
Christ Church, BB17127
Mobile: +1 246-829-4764

Mandeville, Jamaica, W.I.

Simon McMullan
1C Ward View
Mandeville, Manchester
Mobile: +1 876-773-3571

Nicolas Noakes
24 Buena Vista Close
Mandeville, Manchester
Mobile: +1 876-821-4026

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Justin Pudney
2401 Globe Drive
Knoxville, TN 37912
Mobile: +1 865-256-9529

Peter Allen
2213 Madison Road NW
Knoxville, TN 37912
Mobile: +1 865-309-2899

Maryville, Tennessee, USA

Mark Jurgens
2018 Oakwood Drive
Maryville, TN 37803
Mobile: +1 865-765-6242

Nigel Pudney
2836 Norcross Road
Maryville, TN 37803
Mobile: +1 865-995-8807

Clinton, Tennessee, USA

Matthew Eales
707 Riverbend Road
Clinton, TN 37716
Mobile: +1 865-309-3800

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Jason Pudney
8161 Karr Street
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Mobile: +1 423-681-0323

Nathan Tunley
861 Graysville Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Mobile: +1 423-320-4330

Cleveland, Tennessee, USA

Stephen Noakes
1501 20th Street NW
Cleveland, TN 37311
Mobile: +1 423-475-0099

Stuart Beattie
2025 Eveningside Drive NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
Mobile: +1 706-264-1716

Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

Peter Morley
706 Colonial Trace
Frankfort, KY 40601
Mobile: +1 865-441-6646

Robin Jurgens
215 Tonkawa Trail
Frankfort, KY 40601
Mobile +1 502-330-8405

Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Adin Pudney
569 Cane Run Road
Lexington, KY 40505
Mobile: +1 859-285-4313

James Morley
576 Bryanwood Parkway
Lexington, KY 40505
Mobile: +1 865-246-8420

Georgetown, Kentucky, USA

Javan Morley
122 Redding Road
Georgetown, KY 40324
Mobile: +1 502-234-0116

James Paynter
603 Mojave Trail
Georgetown, KY 40324
Mobile: +1 859-202-9889

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Daniel Bricknell
8112 Sapwood Court
Raleigh, NC 27615
Mobile: +1 704-977-4886

Jethro McMullan
8509 Stonegate Drive
Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: +1 704-684-7976

Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

Roger Pudney
5517 Orchard Oriole Trail
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Mobile: +1 984-444-1122

Concord, North Carolina, USA

Alex Paynter
101 Fryling Avenue SW
Concord, NC 28025
Mobile: +1 704-606-2290

Mint Hill, North Carolina, USA

Michael Stewart
8601 Bartlett Road
Mint Hill, NC 28227
Mobile: +1 704-901-6740

Anton Jurgens
8917 Fultram Lane
Mint Hill, NC 28227
Mobile: +1 704-488-7294

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  6. Letter from John S Hales acknowledging his sin in promoting commerce in the assembly
  7. Details of George R Maynard's blasphemy in Barbados, and the response by Deryck Noakes
  8. Details of James H Symington's blasphemies, and the response by Deryck Noakes


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B. The Diversion from Facts and Principles from the End of December 1970 to January 1971

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C. The Development of the Truth over the last forty-four years

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D. The Leaders of the Seriously Developing Diversion from 1971 to 2014

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  2. Romans 6:23 (Back to text)

    For the wages of sin [is] death

  3. Ephesians as Related to Corinthians, Croydon, 21 October 1965 - James Taylor Jr (Back to text)

    Commerce by itself is right, but when you bring it into the assembly - I never knew they were doing that...

  4. Letter from James Taylor Jr to Alfred J Gardiner, 29 September 1965 (Back to text)

    I do not consider that he [WBH] is a new covenant minister and have reason to believe that he is in a party with JSH and AFG and perhaps others in promoting a system of things that is at variance with the gospel. There is adequate proof that commerce is being brought into the assembly.

  5. City Reading, New York, 29 September 1965 - James Taylor Jr (Back to text)

    but these business meetings wholly of brethren are not right. It is despising the assembly.

  6. 1 Corinthians 4:13 (Back to text)

    we are become as [the] offscouring of the world, [the] refuse of all

E. God's Sovereignty in Selecting Leaders and in Rejecting Leaders

  1. Acts 20:29 (Back to text)

    [For] I know [this,] that there will come in amongst you after my departure grievous wolves, not sparing the flock;

F. Recovery from the Diversion to the TWOs and the THREEs

  1. Matthew 18:20 (Back to text)

    For where two or three are gathered together unto my name, there am I in the midst of them.

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