The lies held in Sydney


The Holy Spirit sent Simon McMullan and Jadon Allen to Sydney during March 2016. Their testimony in that city was apparently completely rejected. Click here to read why they were sent to Sydney.

The filthy money and the lies referred to in the letter below are being used to bribe the government of Barbados to oppose the local assembly there and, in doing so, oppose the service of the Holy Spirit.

The lies held in Sydney

We departed from Sydney on 21 March 2016 and two days later a customary lawyer’s letter, filled with lies as per usual, was received from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, members of the church, and the United Brethren Trust.

Most have been bewitched by liars; by bastards not fit for christian fellowship anywhere!

Every divine principle has been thrown aside. The very truth and divine principles which beloved Jim Taylor Jr. established has been overridden for monetary gain.

The devil is a liar and its father. (John 8:44)

Sydney maintains the most unprincipled lies and deceitfulness, going completely against the Holy Scriptures and, even worse, against the Holy Spirit Himself. The lies spread against the Lord’s Own servant currently, Deryck Noakes, have their origin in Satan. These lies have been spread and are being fuelled by the devil’s chief agents: Bruce Hales, Daniel Hales, Charley Baker, and many other bastards universally including Struan Ker of Harrow.

May those who have been blinded see how far from christianity the most evilest of cults is.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Simon McMullan
Jadon Allen

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