Letter to PBCC members in Barbados, August 2019


Extensive evils have been perpentrated in Barbados by certain members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) – or the ‘Closed Brethren’ – but do all the members know what has been happening? Do they all agree with what is happening?


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Aug 16th 2019

RE: Treatment of christians by the PBCC

A few months back, some members of the PBCC living on the West Coast of the USA were laughing at the fact that Jadon Allen had twice been denied entry to Barbados at Grantley Adams International. How they knew about this is no mystery – Jadon saw the bottle of Black Label whisky that ‘arrived’ at the airport on the second occasion, when he and his wife were held there overnight for no reason, with no access to food or drink.

Perhaps you too have laughed at the success of the PBCC bribery of persons in the Immigration Dept and Barbados government (incl Freundal)?

Did you also laugh when the PBCC bribery led to the same happening to an elderly couple, despite them owning property on the Island?

Did you also laugh when Geoffrey Allen (who is a director of a BB company) and his wife were denied entry, and then had to spend two nights sleeping on the floor of the Panama airport, because the officials had ‘lost’ their passports?

Did you also laugh about Llewellyn Edwards, who after being diagnosed with cancer while visiting Barbados, had an emergency operation, but was delayed having follow-up treatment due to Immigration refusing to grant the extension of stay the local doctors required? He was unable to travel elsewhere due to weakness, and by the time Immigration finally gave in to the pressure from local medical personnel, four critical months of treatment had been lost, resulting in him needed a second operation. He did not recover from this, and went to be with his Lord shortly after, leaving his wife a young widow. The PBCC bribery is directly responsible for his untimely death.

His own are not ashamed nor fear to suffer for His name. But the Lord’s eyes see everything. What do you think He feels about your association with the cruelty and bribery of the PBCC?



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