Interference in the Barbados Immigration Department

The following account is a detailed summary of the facts giving evidence of a corrupting influence in the Barbados Immigration Department.


  1. Background of the Interference
  2. Denial of Entry to Jared & Haley Pudney and Javan Morley (1)
  3. Denial of Entry to Jared & Haley Pudney and Javan Morley (2)
  4. Visit by Roger & Helen Pudney and Jadon Allen
  5. Denial of Entry to Jared & Haley Pudney and Javan Morley (3)

A. Background of the Interference

  1. In March 2014, two believers in the Lord Jesus Christ – Roger Pudney and Jared Pudney (South Africans) – were directed by the Holy Spirit to visit Barbados and seek reconciliation and fellowship with similarly-minded Christian brethren. The purpose of their visit given to Barbados Immigration was for "Church matters".
  2. Roger and Jared visited the grounds of a meeting hall of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) who are also known as the Closed Brethren, Exclusive Brethren, or Hales Brethren. One member, Derek Daniel, told them that the other members of the PBCC did not want to speak with them. However, Roger and Jared wished to speak with others persons from the PBCC, so they visited some at their homes. (There are approximately 450 PBCC members in Barbados. One of these members spoke with them for 20 minutes and told them, “My affections are towards you.”) However, not all the members were sympathetic, and on one occasion Roger and Jared were very closely trailed in a motor vehicle by one of the Closed Brethren.
  3. On 17 March, Roger and Jared placed an advertisement in the Barbados Nation newspaper publicising their desire to seek contact with similarly-minded Christians. This advert drew some positive responses from persons on the Island.
  4. In early May, like-minded Christians – Deryck Noakes, Ian and Gail Allen, Roger Pudney, Jadon Allen and Gavin Eales (all South Africans) – also entered Barbados and stated their reason for entry as preaching and supporting Paul’s glad tidings.
  5. These Christians often stood near to a PBCC meeting hall so as to be available for any of the PBCC members who would desire to speak with them. Sorrowfully, the leaders of the PBCC called the police on four occasions. The police clearly stated that no laws were being broken and one officer said, “We wish you luck with your mission.”
  6. Eventually, Sergeant Lynch was summoned. It was abundantly clear that Lynch ‘took sides’ with the PBCC members, including holding long, private conversations with them. Lynch claimed that the South Africans had veered from their stated reason for entry into Barbados, and that he would personally write to the Chief Immigration Officer to ensure that Deryck Noakes and those with him were deported from Barbados, and to ensure that they could never return. Lynch said that what was being done could result in a criminal case, which could end up in court.
  7. Deryck, Ian and Roger then met with Assistant Commissioner of Police, Erwin Boyce, on 20 May 2014. Commissioner Boyce was very sympathetic and understanding, and did not oppose what they had done.
  8. During their visit, this small group of Christians were repeatedly trailed by members of the PBCC while moving around the Island.
  9. Soon, two senior PBCC stooges from the United Kingdom   Struan Ker and Charles Kingston – were suddenly flown across to Barbados. They found Mr Deryck Noakes (an 82 year old man) and accosted him on the side of the road. They tore open the passenger door of Deryck’s car and Struan Ker verbally abused him. Struan Ker threatened court action, saying this matter would be pursued to the ‘bitter end’!
  10. Struan Ker’s threat was soon followed up with a letter, which again stated that they would pursue legal action against Deryck Noakes.
  11. A number of advertisements were further published in the Nation and the Advocate newspapers, drawing attention to the evil of the PBCC cult. The gross wickedness of this cult is the introduction of business into the Church. This type of activity is Satanic. Many Barbadians responded to these adverts, and agreed that commerce or business introduced into the church is evil.
  12. The PBCC then used the services of a renowned attorney, Sir Henry de B. Forde, who wrote a letter filled with lies about what had happened during these visits. Forde also stated that the PBCC could approach Barbados Immigration to have the rights of those visiting revoked.
  13. Deryck Noakes and those with him left Barbados on 29 May.
  14. Soon afterwards (in early June), Javan Morley, Jared Pudney and his wife Haley Pudney (also South Africans), travelled to Barbados via England.
  15. Jared and Javan visited some PBCC members while they were in England, and were consequently trailed by these ‘Christians’ for almost two hours.
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B. Denial of Entry to Jared & Haley Pudney and Javan Morley (1)

  1. On 6 June, Jared and Haley and Javan arrived in Barbados, and stated their reason for entry as “Church matters” and to “preach the gospel”.
  2. They were denied entry by Immigration Officer Bartlett for not having a work permit to preach. It is clear that this refusal was blatantly pre-meditated because:

    1. Only a few quick questions were asked by the immigration counter clerk before a senior official appeared insisting they were privately interviewed. For what reason was the senior official summonsed to the counter?
    2. No verbal exchange took place between the counter clerk and the senior official when their passports were inspected. How could the senior official already be cognisant of the facts?
    3. Jared and Haley were at one counter and Javan was at a different counter. However, the senior official who had arrived asked Jared where was “the third person travelling with them?” How was it known that there were three persons in this group when no mentioned of this had been made by anyone at the counters?

      (A few weeks later, when this same senior official was questioned about this, she acknowledged the fact that she had known at the time, but she refused to give any information about how she knew!)

    4. Javan had never been to Barbados before. How could the senior officer already decide that Javan would be denied entry if she had never seen him nor his Landing Card before?
    5. Jared’s wife, Haley, was also refused permission to enter. Haley was not coming to Barbados to preach (i.e. “work”, as alledged).
    6. Previously, in March 2014, Jared had been granted entry into Barbados without any difficulty or questioning. What had suddenly changed on this visit?
    7. Javan and Jared told Officer Bartlett that they were not employed by anyone for preaching and Church matters. Despite this, they were told they did not have a work permit to preach!
    8. Several similar Christians had recently been granted entry for preaching. None of them were questioned by Immigration.
    9. The Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), Ms Erine Griffith, was clearly aware of their arrival on that day, because when Officer Bartlett spoke to her telephonically, he did not mention any names, nationalities, nor any background. How can the CIO make the decision to deny entry with no supporting information?
  3. With no opportunity given for discussion, these three Christians were refused entry and sent back to England, because they had no work permit to preach Paul’s Glad Tidings – the Gospel!
  4. On arrival back in London, more members of the PBCC were waiting for them, and trailed their every movement throughout that day.
  5. On 11 June, Deryck Noakes sent a letter to the Chief Immigration Officer, accusing her of this blatantly premeditated decision.
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C. Denial of Entry to Jared & Haley Pudney and Javan Morley (2)

  1. On 14 June, Jared and Haley Pudney, and Javan Morley, returned to Barbados. On arrival, they were again denied entry.
  2. The presiding senior Officer Reid would not entertain any discussion and insisted on written confirmation from the CIO, or the Prime Minister, or the Governor General.
  3. Officer Reid said he was again denying their entry, because they were coming to Barbados to work. This is a lie!
  4. No opportunity was given for any explanation as to the genuine reason why they were there.
  5. Jared asked for Haley to be allowed entry as she has never (and will never) preach. This was vehemently refused her, without reason.
  6. Reid told them, “You will now feel the effects of being under the control of the Immigration Department!” and they were told they would spend the night in the detention cells. He told them they would have “no privileges”.
  7. No allowance was made for them to contact anyone and all their communication devices were confiscated.
  8. Although it was nightfall, no opportunity was given them to purchase any food or drink.
  9. Haley begged Officer Reid if she could remain with her husband. This plea was sarcastically answered by Reid saying, “No one is going to ravish you!”
  10. These three Christians were then frisked, body-searched and separated. They spent the night in three separate Immigration detention cells at Grantley Adams.
  11. It was confirmed by a supervisor on duty that the CIO, Ms Erine Griffith, had been contacted that night and had personally authorized their denial of entry.
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D. Visit by Roger & Helen Pudney and Jadon Allen

  1. Roger Pudney, his wife Helen, and Jadon Allen, entered Barbados on 17 June, with the stated reason for entry to “visit friends”. They were granted entry with no questions asked.
  2. In an attempt to investigate this unusual situation, they contacted Immigration and requested a meeting with the CIO, Ms Erine Griffith.
  3. A meeting with the CIO was scheduled on 27 June but was postponed because she never arrived. They met with three senior Immigration officers instead: Officers Harewood, Banfield and Sealy.
  4. In this meeting it was discussed whether “Church matters” and “preach gospel” could be considered to be ‘work’. These three Officers confirmed that it could not be seen as work.
  5. Officer Banfield then handed them a letter, pre-written by the CIO, wherein she stated that temporary work permits should be applied for before any further discussions would take place. This fully exposed what her desired outcome was.
  6. On 30 June, the CIO called a meeting with Roger and Jadon. Before this meeting started, she said she took exception to a newspaper advert which they had published! (This particular newspaper article was an explanation of the simple terms of Paul’s Glad Tidings as presented in the Holy Scriptures.) Such an advert would certainly have offended the PBCC, but why the CIO of Barbados?
  7. Roger handed the CIO a letter written by Deryck Noakes, in which he drew attention to her involvement in these injustices. The CIO consequently flew into a rage and immediately threw them out of her office.
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E. Denial of Entry to Jared & Haley Pudney and Javan Morley (3)

  1. On 2 July, Jared, Haley and Javan again travelled to Barbados and were immediately taken for further questioning due to ‘flags’ on the Immigration system.
  2. The senior Officer on duty, Ms Inniss, questioned them and was told the facts. She acknowledged that work permits were not necessary.
  3. Ms Inniss asked if Roger and Jadon (who were waiting at the airport outside), could come inside for an interview to confirm the facts.
  4. After this interview she phoned Officer Banfield for confirmation. Banfield said he would call her back.
  5. After this phonecall, two members of the PBCC were suddenly recognised outside the airport building, spying on Roger and Jadon! How did members of the PBCC know they were at the airport?

    When Roger and Jadon approached them, they fled the airport making use of a vehicle which was identified as the same one used previously to trail these Christians in Barbados.

  6. Officer M Inniss was immediately alerted to the fact that there was a definite ‘leak’ in the Immigration Department. Jared implored her to contact someone whom she trusted in her department.
  7. Soon after this, Javan, Jared and Haley were told that they were being denied entry a third time. No reasons were given and Ms Inniss would not divulge who had made the decision.
  8. After handing down the decision, Ms Inniss said, “I wish you Godspeed on your mission.”
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The above account shows that the Barbados Immigration Department has been wrongly influenced by members of the PBCC. This interference is causing a denial of entry to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who come to Barbados to preach Paul’s Glad Tidings and attend to Church matters.

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