Bribery of the Barbados Immigration Department by the Closed Brethren


The ‘Closed Brethren’ of Barbados are known elsewhere as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC), or previously as the Hales Exclusive Brethren. These persons walked with us in christian fellowship until 1971, but the facts surrounding their departure from the truth are not known to the vast majority of those amongst them. This almost universal departure from the truth had its origin in Barbados — read The ongoing wickedness of the ‘Harrow judgment’ — and its present satanic system of commerce directly involves Barbados too — read The rebellion of 1965, and the current re-rebellion.

The devil is desperate to maintain his stranglehold, and to prevent persons who are trapped in that cult from being saved and blessed at the very end of this dispensation of grace. His chief agent is the self-appointed leader of the PBCC, Bruce David Hales, who has no regard for scripture (Romans 13:1) and who therefore has no compunction in having a sovereign government bribed to do his bidding.

We know — the church knows — that the Closed Brethen have bribed the Barbados Immigration Department with their money and their lies to hinder the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ in Barbados.

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Jared & Haley and Javan — June 2014

When Deryck Noakes visited Barbados in May 2014, the Closed Brethren called the police repeatedly. On one occasion members of the Closed Brethren had long private conversations with Sergeant Lynch, after which he stated that he would be personally writing to the Chief Immigration Officer, Erine Griffith, to ensure that Deryck and those with him were deported and never allowed entry to Barbados again.

In June, Jared Pudney and his wife, and Javan Morley travelled to Barbados. They travelled via London and testified to members of the PBCC there. When they arrived at Grantley Adams, they were immediately denied entry by Officer Bartlett. It is abundantly clear that they were expected, that the reason for the denial was contrived for the purpose, and that the CIO, Erine Griffith, was responsible for this decision.

These three were sent back to London on next flight and there were members of the PBCC waiting at Gatwick when they arrived. Their taxi was trailed from the airport, and their hotel watched.

Eight days later, Jared and his wife and Javan again tried to visit Barbados, but Officer Reid denied them entry — again on a false and fabricated charge. They were detained overnight at Grantley Adams and refused access to food, drink and communication. There was absolutely no justification for denying Jared’s wife entry, and the way that she was treated was shocking! Once again the CIO was responsible for this.

Following this second denial, Roger Pudney and Jadon Allen visited Barbados and were granted entry without question. They handed a letter from Deryck Noakes to the CIO, Erine Griffith, which drew attention to her direct involvement in these irregularities. Her instant guilty reaction was to fly into a rage and throw them out of her office.

While Roger and Jadon were still in Barbados, Jared and his wife and Javan tried a third time to visit Barbados but were flagged on the immigration system, and ultimately denied entry again. The officer on duty phoned Officer Banfield to confirm the decision, and shortly after this phonecall two members of the PBCC arrived and began loitering at the airport terminal. How did they know to come, and what were they doing there?

(For a more detailed account of these events, click here.)

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Michael, James and Jeremy — April 2015 to present

In prayer, these three brethren from South Africa were individually directed to move to Barbados. They each submitted applications for work permits in Barbados.

Michael Stewart submitted his application in April 2015, and James Allen submitted his a month later. These two applications were associated by a common business interest. Jeremy Reynolds submitted his application in August 2015, but for a completely unrelated business interest.

A PBCC spy, Niel Worsley, was sent by Bruce Hales to South Africa in April 2015, but was quickly exposed by the Holy Spirit through beloved Deryck Noakes. He spoke with both Michael and James about their intentions to move to Barbados.

Michael and James’ applications evidently proceeded normally to start with, but by November 2015 they were both unmoving on the desk of the then-CIO, Erine Griffith.

In December 2015, Jeremy received a request from the Immigration Department to know who his contact in Barbados would be. (Such a contact is not a requirement for a work permit.) Jeremy gave the name of Mr Emtage, who was in fellowship at that time. This would have immediately associated his application with Michael and James. More significantly, it also identified Jeremy as being in fellowship with Deryck Noakes, whom the Closed Brethren hate without a cause.

Due to the lack of progress with their applications, Michael and James met with the acting CIO, Wayne Marshall, in April 2016. When they testified to him about their concerns regarding previous interference by the Closed Bethren, he neither denied it nor demanded proof.

On 16 June 2016, all three of the applicants simultaneously received a letter stating that their work permits are NOT approved. All three letters were dated 7 June and it was clearly a blanket decision.

In July 2016, Jeremy attempted to visit Barbados to attend to bank accounts for his IBC. His travel arrangements had already been made before his work permit was denied, and so to avoid complications he sent his itinerary to CIO Wayne Marshall ahead of time and informed him of the necessity to visit Barbados. No reply was received from the CIO. When Jeremy and his wife arrived in Barbados, they were interviewed by Officer Patrick Blackman who then contacted the CIO, Wayne Marshall. The CIO personally denied them entry to Barbados without any reason given.

Jeremy told Officer Blackman that the Closed Brethren were the cause of this, and asked him if he knew Laurie Pile: Officer Blackman could make no reply, but his eyes told the story!

Once again, the Closed Brethren are using their filthy money and their lies to undermine the sovereignty of Barbados.

(Further detailed facts of these events are available on request.)

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